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Barre & 


Young Mothers Staying Fit

5 week Course


Thursday 7th March - 4th April

If you would like to join us after the course has begun please get in-touch

"from cot to barre, begin your magical journey"

Join the group of mums embarking on their postpartum movement journey with their little one!


Over the next 5 weeks, our qualified postnatal coach will focus on strengthening the core and pelvic floor connection, while bringing you and your baby to the barre for a fun full-body workout.


Experience an upbeat 45-minute class with baby at Evolv! Suitable for those cleared to exercise by their GP at their 6-week postpartum check for vaginal births or 10-12 weeks for cesarean deliveries.

Barre and Baby offers a safe and effective workout to help you regain strength and stamina while bonding with your baby and connecting with other mums. Plus, enjoy the time after to enjoy a safe and holistic space  to connect with new mums, feed, and change your baby.

Boost your confidence, move your body and make new mum friends.

Spaces limited.


Please bring a baby harness and blanket, a mat for you and baby will be provided.

Please note that in case of rain, we do not have space for prams.

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